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Crystal Healing Poem: The Crystal Kingdom

Crystal Healing Poem: The Crystal Kingdom

A crystal healing poem - The Crystal Kingdom.

The poem can be used as an energy evocation at a crystal healing workshop or as a starting point for a crystal meditation.

The Crystal Kingdom

Long before the time
of the life of green,
there was
a different kind of life,
crystalline life,
life forms that are old,
and perfect,
forms that are close
to the heart
of the Universe,
forms that
underlie everything
give shape and form
to all our lands,
a base for all of life
upon which
it may grow.

Pure energy,
pure strength,
available to us
right here and now,
to draw upon
the crystal kingdom,
to drink their energies
into ourselves,
to help and heal
our oldest wounds,
without judgement,
without fail,
and bringing with them
beauty and delight,
and all we have to do
is open up our hearts
and minds,
and let these fine
and wondrous energies
come to us,
help us,
make us whole.

SFX March 2009

Crystal Kingdom Crystal Picture For Crystal Poem

This poem/energy evocation is from The EmoTrance Crystal Energy Workshop - you can download this crystal healing workshop here for free.

Cool pictures of crystals, quartz, fantasy crystals & more @ http://wonderworlds.org

Posted Apr 3, 2011   
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