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Funeral Poem For An Artist

Go on with the day, go on with the night, enjoy the riches life has to offer ...

Posted Sep 29, 2015 Read Poem ...

Magic Mirror Poem

A true magic mirror - a gift in poetry.

Posted Jun 1, 2015 1,172 Reads Read Poem ...

Poem: The Child

Silvia Hartmann's poem "The Child" from Heart Healing.

Posted Nov 24, 2014 1,389 Reads Read Poem ...

Sunrise Poem: Morning Light

Silvia Hartmann's sunrise "poem" Morning Light.

Posted Oct 13, 2014 1,398 Reads Read Poem ...

Sleep Poem

Sleep Poem

A poem to help a loved one go to sleep, a poem for bedtime ...

Step down, chill out and enjoy ...

Posted Aug 24, 2012 3,247 Reads Read Poem ...

Angel City Poem

Angel City Poem

I was just uploading a piece of art called Angel City when this poem came to me.

And in the middle of writing it, the postman knocked on the door and delivered a parcel with opalite angels  - wonderful timing :-)

Posted Jun 6, 2011 3,870 Reads Read Poem ...

Crystal Healing Poem: The Crystal Kingdom

Crystal Healing Poem: The Crystal Kingdom

A crystal healing poem - The Crystal Kingdom.

The poem can be used as an energy evocation at a crystal healing workshop or as a starting point for a crystal meditation.

Posted Apr 3, 2011 6,493 Reads Read Poem ...

Funeral Poem

Funeral Poem

A visitor asked if I had any poems suitable for a funeral for a friend. I have three funeral poems here; God's Speed is a funeral poem for a friend; Pyramid for a lover, and Upward for the funeral of a person who had no friends and may not have been a good person in this life. Hope it helps some.

Posted Mar 24, 2011 3,904 Reads Read Poem ...

Cloud Angels

Cloud Angels

A healing poem, a poem about angels, a hypnotic poem ...

A poem and a picture as a birthday gift for a good friend.

Enjoy, with love.

Posted Mar 30, 2010 6,983 Reads Read Poem ...

Angels - A Poem About Angels

Angels - A Poem About Angels

If we speak a poem about angels, does that draw the angels into your life? It has been said that to have angels helping a person in this life, the person has to take the first step and turn towards the angels ...


Look close, not far away

for angels are amongst us

they are right here, right now,

there is an angel in the room ...

Posted Feb 14, 2010 4,647 Reads Read Poem ...

A Starry Gift

A Starry Gift

I asked for a Healing Poem today - and received The Starry Gift.

Can you heal me of my days
can you heal me of my years
can you take away the burdens ...?

Posted Feb 8, 2010 3,417 Reads Read Poem ...

Brightness Rains

Brightness Rains

Brightness rains - read it, but it works best if you stand up and speak it, evoke the energies yourself and feel the change this healing poem brings.

Posted Jan 30, 2010 2,641 Reads Read Poem ...



Inspirational poem AWAKE! by StarFields

Posted Jan 30, 2010 2,645 Reads Read Poem ...
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