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Poem: Train Wreck

Poem: Train Wreck

You will never know just what you find when you step outside your mind, for a moment and take flight to the wide and starry night, where some things may be revealed ...

A poem about a train wreck.

Train Wreck


And so the day it steams from one thing to another,

with locomotive pistons pounding out the beat

with locomotive breath that labours up the steep inclines

with sparks that fly from screeching metal when we must descend.


And does this never end?


Where is the hand that holds the magic wand

the hand that holds the power to say,




Silence drops down like a ten ton weight.


Silence smashes everything -

a meteor destroyed the dinosaurs.


So now, machines lie broken, all in pieces,

returned to metal shards that soon will disappear,

or washed into the sea, will sink below the waves

and heedless sand will grind it all in time,

the land embraces all and in the end,

God will prevail, of course.


SFX February 2012

Posted Feb 10, 2012   
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