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Sleep Poem

Sleep Poem

A poem to help a loved one go to sleep, a poem for bedtime ...

Step down, chill out and enjoy ...

Sleep Poem

Whatever worries you,
whatever troubles you,
let it go now,
go to sleep.

Let the old world
fade away,
let the gentle night hold sway,
lay down, my dearest child of men,
breathe deeply of the night.

Above the clouds,
the stars shine bright
time is not eternal
but it is, and will enfold
all that as it enfolded
oh so much and will again,
and yet again.

And as you sleep,
the world will turn with you,
and as you dream,
the world will carry you
so far, so deep and further still
into the starblessed night
and you are loved,
and held, and loved again,
and yet again.

Now feel the soothing waves
of nightwind's tides
inside your bones,
inside your heart,
and let them slow you,
kiss away the days,
kiss away the loneliness and fear,
awaken your immortal soul
and it will rise,
unfold its wings of light
sing you to sleep,
with tales of splendours,
many lives await.


SFX August 2012


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Posted Aug 24, 2012   
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