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Metaphor Poem: The Oldest Castle

Metaphor Poem: The Oldest Castle

The other day, this poem, The Oldest Castle, sprang to mind when I was trying to explain to someone why you mustn't give up too soon when you are dealing with memories and trying to remember a genesis event. After much searching, today I finally found it - dated 5.6.1994.

Here's The Oldest Castle ... a story poem, and a metaphor poem for so many things ...

Posted Apr 17, 2011 3,927 Reads Read Poem ...

Pagan Wedding Poem: Two Dragons

Pagan Wedding Poem: Two Dragons

A magic wedding poem, that doubles as a magic love spell.

Two Dragons is the perfect poem for a pagan wedding ceremony such as handfasting.

Posted Jun 26, 2010 14,856 Reads Read Poem ...

Golden Woolbeast Gather

Golden Woolbeast Gather

This is bit of fun which came about as I went to a poetry forum which had a section for "wool gathering and strange ideas" - but there wasn't a single entry! How disappointing! I wanted to remedy the situation and make a post. At first I thought I might post about the ultraviolet beings but then instead, wrote this especially ... ..

Posted Jan 30, 2010 2,224 Reads Read Poem ...
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